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Networking Tools Development
  We have sound experience in design, development,
System Software and Tools Development
  We have proficiency in standard daemonization
System Conversion and Migration Services
  Our expertise is in development of Conversion tools
Web Application Development
  Testing and support of Web Applications mainly on UNIX.

H/W platforms

VAX series, Alpha Series, Intel, PDP

Operating Systems

VMS, various flavors of UNIX, RSX, MS-DOS, Windows


C, C++, Assembly, FORTRAN, COBOL, VB, VC++, SDK, Java, PERL/CGI


RDB, Ingress, Oracle, MS SQL Server 7.0, PostgreSQL, Mysql

Layered Products

Layered products VMS, including CDD/Plus, DECForms, ACMS, TDMS, DTR, Rally, ALL-IN-1


DECNet, TCP/IP, PCSA (Pathworks), E-Mail, Secure Socket Layer(SSL), HTTP, several Ethernet and other communication products

Client Server

Client programs on MAC or on PC in VB / VC and Server programs on VAX


COBOL/RDB/ACMS using ODBC / ACMSDI protocols.

Web Based

CGI/PERL, PHP, TCL, Dynamic HTML, Javascript, VBScript etc.

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