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SimpleSoft USA
  A worldwide provider of SNMP and related Test suites.
Highband Communications
Pvt. Ltd. Pune
  A company providing servic-
es in the network security in
Digital Equipment(I) Ltd. Pune
  A partially owned subsidiary
of the erstwhile Digital
Equipment Corporation,
Boston, USA.
Alfa Laval Pune
  A world leader in providing
heat-exchanger and related

A comprehensive tool for taking care of the daily operations of FMCG distributors. This is being pitched as a full-fledged ERP package, which is partially web-based as of now. The Inventory module is in beta stage and the finance module is being constructed.
  Comprising of two modules Configuration and Operations. Configuration module is used to enter some basic information regarding the distributor business into system. Using Configuration module one can Add, Modify or Delete information regarding persons , products of different agencies, schemes available on products, retailer and routes.
  The Operations module caters to the basic daily operations such as daily sales booking, van loading and deliveries, invoicing, payment collection, returned goods and claims management. Key features of the module include provision of schemes and discounts while preparing the invoice, along with payment collection. The module also includes a facility to generate various reports that capture the practical aspects of the business to help the distributor make right business decisions.
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