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SimpleSoft USA
  A worldwide provider of SNMP and related Test suites.
Highband Communications
Pvt. Ltd. Pune
  A company providing servic-
es in the network security in
Digital Equipment(I) Ltd. Pune
  A partially owned subsidiary
of the erstwhile Digital
Equipment Corporation,
Boston, USA.
Alfa Laval Pune
  A world leader in providing
heat-exchanger and related

We have designed and developed a comprehensive set of tools to cater to the millennium problem solving and also for managing modifications related to EURO. Although these tools are currently available on different UNIX flavors, they can be easily migrated to other Operating Systems.
SHODH-2000: This tool is specifically designed for analyzing the impact of century date change on the application systems written in various dialects of COBOL, running variety of operating systems. An internal database of affected resources, management summary reports and detailed reports for analysis are generated which help in estimating the efforts involved to make the application ready for Year 2000.
SAMEEKSHA-2000: This tool allows you to scan through the date affected resources that have been identified by SHODH-2000, and verify them. You can also specify the method by selecting the identifiers for conversion. This tool will also identify clearly, every place that needs manual modifications so that the converted code will work correctly even after the Year 2000.
  SANSKAAR-2000: This tool will implement all the changes specified in SAMEEKSHA-2000 and automatically generate new COBOL code that should execute properly before the year 2000 and beyond as well.  
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