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  The cable industry has created a standard for
Migration Tools
  The software tool is based on LEX/YACC utility, provided on Unix platform.
Web Technologies
  A web based project for development of a site


  Concrete mix is a software developed for the automation
  We have completed the testing of the X.400 E-Mail products


This project was executed for Bajaj Auto Ltd,Pune.

Completed system software to connect 80 microprocessor based Attendance Recording machines to the existing VAX ethernet environment at Bajaj Auto, Pune, having employee strength of over 15000. This software automatically collects attendance data from all 80 machines within 300 seconds and creates a file on VAX for further processing. This has been specially designed to ensure no single point failure and no manual intervention on a routine basis. This is a software system with about 20000 lines of C code.


Completed system software to monitor and restrict entry of persons in high security area in Bajaj Auto. This system has a microprocessor-based machine, installed at the gate. A person authorized to enter the secured area, can do so by punching an ID card in the machine to the open door automatically. Both of these projects involved the integration of Hardware and software in a large network at Bajaj Auto.

Converted both of these applications to UNIX on Digital's Alpha-8400 mainframe computer.

Barcode Interface software and Siren system communication software were converted from VMS to Digital-UNIX.

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