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  The cable industry has created a standard for
Migration Tools
  The software tool is based on LEX/YACC utility, provided on Unix platform.
Web Technologies
  A web based project for development of a site


  Concrete mix is a software developed for the automation
  We have completed the testing of the X.400 E-Mail products

This firmware project was executed for ALVI Design Associates, UK.

The metal detector examines articles for the presence of contaminating ferrous tramp metal particles. It is intended for unattended operation. The operator would only supervise the calibration procedures and make adjustments in the operating parameters of the metal detector. It reports and discards the contaminated articles. The system is a real-time system. It continuously processes data from two analog input channels at 1ms interval. The processing on data is done on the basis of the parameters calibrated by the operator. The result of the processing is sent to the 2X20 LCD and in case of contaminated result a rejection event is queued. This rejection event activates relay of the rejection box along the conveyor belt and thus the contaminated article would get dumped in the rejection box.

The software was developed using C Language, primarily on Linux platform. Simulator was written, also on Linux for testing the same. This code is ported on Hitachi SH3 series microcontroller 7709 using cross-compiler.

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