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  The cable industry has created a standard for
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  The software tool is based on LEX/YACC utility, provided on Unix platform.
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  A web based project for development of a site


  Concrete mix is a software developed for the automation
  We have completed the testing of the X.400 E-Mail products

This project was executed for SimpleSoft Inc. USA , as a part of the development Center activity.The cable industry has created a standard for capability, performance and reliability known as DOCSIST, or Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. The specification also includes detailed test procedures known as the Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) that are used to check devices for compliance with DOCSIS and also for certification.
The DOCSIS CM test suite which is based on August 30, 2002 version of the ATP for DOCSIS v1.1 (TP-OSSI-ATPv1.1-I02-020830) which is a 360 page PDF document. This test suite contains more than 900 test scripts for testing the Cable Modem (CM) for compliance with the DOCSIS standard.

The salient features of this test suite are:

Saves test development time and speeds time-to-market. Even developers can do unit testing from their own desks.

Automated nature of SimpleTester test environment saves time without compromising completeness.

Easy to use, "Out-of-the-box" operation, that requires minimum test resources.

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