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  The cable industry has created a standard for
Migration Tools
  The software tool is based on LEX/YACC utility, provided on Unix platform.
Web Technologies
  A web based project for development of a site


  Concrete mix is a software developed for the automation
  We have completed the testing of the X.400 E-Mail products


This project was executed for Highband Communications Pvt,Ltd Pune.
Hisecure system is a network intrusion detection system. It monitors the logs from various network monitoring and controlling appliances and also from network applications. It allows the user to specify script based rules files on per-appliance basis; that translate into queries on the logs generated by the device. Whenever these queries generate a match, it implies that some special situation has arisen, possibly requiring detailed analysis. These alerts are sent to the central Diagnostics Center for further analysis. All the logs generated are sent to the Diagnostics Center for detailed analysis and archival/storage.

  This will help to discover if a hacker/cracker is attempting to break into a system (or cause a denial of service attack).
Hisecure system supports following appliances:

   Firewalls IntrusionDetection Systems
Mail Servers
System Log Collectors
Check Point NG Real Secure 6.5 Sendmail Apache Syslog (Linux )
Check Point 4.1
Snort 1.8.4
CheckPoint OP
SEC Environment
Snort 1.8.6
IPTABLES Snort 1.9      
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