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  The cable industry has created a standard for
Migration Tools
  The software tool is based on LEX/YACC utility, provided on Unix platform.
Web Technologies
  A web based project for development of a site


  Concrete mix is a software developed for the automation
  We have completed the testing of the X.400 E-Mail products


All these three projects were executed for SimpleSoft Inc. USA, as a part of the development Centre activity. These act as a set of utilities provided along with SAPro, an SNMP Agent simulator product from SimpleSoft.

  Var File Editor
Var file Editor is a utility to create and edit variable files (".var"). These .var files have a format that is proprietary to Simplesoft. These files contain information required by SAPro to determine the initial and dynamic characteristics of various SNMP variables supported by the simulated device, and are an integral component to simulate network devices. This utility allows the user to create and modify the ".var" file with an easy to use and intuitive GUI interface.
TL1 Editor
TL1 or Transaction Language-1 is the most popular Command Line Interface (CLI) and the de facto standard management protocol in telecommunication industry. In order that the simulated device responds to the TL1 commands sent by the management stations, a modeling file is associated with the device, containing a script that determines how the device responds to TL1 commands. This editor allows the user to create this modeling file with the help of GUI interface.
Mib Editor
SimpleMIBEditor is an easy to use, graphical tool that simplifies the process of creating SMI conforming MIB definition files, without requiring the user to be knowledgeable about the nitty-gritty details of ASN.1 syntax. It guides the user in creating both SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 SMI documents by gathering information in easy to understand dialog boxes and automatically converting it into syntactically correct ASN.1 notation. The complex, arduous task of creating MIB definition files can now be simplified by using the SimpleMIBEditor. SimpleMIBEditor creates new SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 MIBs, automatically corrects many common errors in existing MIB definition files, and also converts MIBs from one SMI to another.

Mib Browser
There has been a need for the MIB Browsing functionality to be available in SAPro product suite from SimpleSoft. This MIB browser application is designed to satisfy that need. The MIB Browser reads a MIB file and displays it in the form of a tree. It allows reading the current values of various MIB variables by querying the remote device and also changing these values on the device. The user is also allowed to save the results of the query as a new variable file or append the results to an existing variable file. The ".var" file, thus created can be used to simulate any new device.

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